Content writing is a strategic approach to create brand persona and bring more traffic to the website. Content writing has gained a huge popularity as all the top major search engines start giving priority to this and make the most important things and on other hand also top brands are started providing information through rich content development work and the engagement with their customer base and visitors. Content can be well described as personalized brand value.

Content writing can be able to create

  • website traffic.
  • Customer retention towards the brand.
  • Brand name generation.
  • Lead management.
  • Customer engagement in any brand.

Our major Services

Product Description / Review Blog Content SEO Content Web Content
Technical Writing Creative Writing Article Writing

MindSpectrum Technology, a Kolkata based content writing company maintains the uniqueness towards providing fresh contents to any website. Our company will serve your in various ways in different needs

such as-
  • Create a buzz for your website.
  • Produces a powerful back links for the website.
  • Increase the ranking of your website amongst all the competitors.
  • A versatile content writing development by the skilled professional of our company.
  • Properly use a eye-catchy title for the website.
  • An ideal keyword always has the capacity to encash customer attention.
  • Persuades the side visitors.
  • Internet marketing gives a proper idea of content writing, that a good content writing guides website reputation and bring potential customer.

The main advantages of taking my services are as follows:
  • We use copy-scape to avoid plagiarism in content
  • We write SEO friendly content
  • We always used top be patient to our clients & listen to them until the clear mutual understanding being done between us over the topic
  • We Promptly reply to our clients
  • We provide most affordable SEO & content writing rate in the market
  • We provide quick service to the client's requirement
  • We always work keeping in mind our client's business growth
  • We always try to make our clients tension free and love to take their work responsibilities on our shoulder
  • We work the way to develop a long-time relationship with our clients

Website content is like furnishing your empty home with some beautiful pieces. It is designed to give the WOW effect to your online presence so people would love to come to your home again and again to be engaged learn from.

We write content for our clients in such a way to give that professional and enjoyable feel to your website so that visitors and search engines would love to come your website again and again. The longer the visit, and more often, gives the maximum mileage to your website from the SEO standpoint. We write keyword rich niche content and at the same time flourish that content to become a visual masterpiece. Web content writing is an art to send the maximum message to the people in a communicative way so that you can have the maximum conversion rate of your website.

We are able to write content for any kind of business, regardless of the industry.  From restaurants, medical, to law firms, to a thriving ecommerce website;  We pride ourselves on being able to mold and mesh with any industry or task at hand.  

Blogging become very essential now a day to give the fresh content continuously to your website so that SEO react very positively for your website and gives a thumbs up. Blogging used to be done not only for SEO, this is also done to create awareness, to promote your business, to develop engagement with the outer world, to educate people and most importantly it’ll establish you as an expert in that field  which will help you to be more close to the client.

Generally Blogging is a place which makes you different from other and it’s a place to show your thought, your hold over your business, your marketing sense, your past, present and future, just everything. We help you to blogging to make a positive image of you and to give an edge from your competitors. 

Technical writing requires right blend of in depth research work over the topic and to have a great capability to represent that in a simple word so that a layman can understand this.

We at MindSpectrum Technology simply the complexity of the hard topic so that it can be understandable for all users and at the same time they are learning the total meaning of it. 

Some areas of examples on topics we can write on are
  • computer software and hardware
  • tools and appliances
  • machines and vehicles
  • toys and sports equipment
  • finance and banking
  • science and medicine
  • politics and social policy

Creative Writing

Creative writing is something where the purpose is to express thoughts, feelings and emotions in a communicative way. The content should have a real life touch and it has to be a small and crispy kind of so that people love to read this. It sometimes comes out as a poetic way and it does not follow any traditional content writing rules. This is the place to express your imagination in a few words with some unique way. Creative writing never done for SEO, but it’s been written to touch the reader’s heart and to catch their interest towards your business. These are the set of word which touched other’s heart, mold them and convert them into a end customers. Few words makes a lots of sense. We do this. We make a brand by this creative words. We write slogan in few words. Finally we at MindSpectrum Technology take care of your brand with some creative and interactive words.

Product Description

We are providing a very niche service for those people who owns his/her eCommerce website with plenty of products or who wants to look for Amazon Affiliate niche website.

We Provide Quality

Quality of work with time is our core strength. We always give the best of our effort to fulfill the client’s demand and work accordingly. We give the client’s value and as we have said we deliver your thought and work accordingly so client’s choice is our priority but yet give them the proper solution to make it finer.

Save Time

Our Key Process

First we collect all the information about the client, their service, their demands and requirement and collect their chosen website and any preferences. We then create solution for them

We then sit with client to create the most suitable design and content presentation to make it final and create the first impression of their requirement and make the strategic planning to start working nicely

After making the strategy done we start creating the designing work and design the first real HTML mock-up of the impression and then start working from there and work goes on.

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