SEO Services

SEO is the process of making your site visible in search engine. We are a leading SEO company in Kolkata always follow ethical organic process to bring our client’s site at the first page. With the rank we also look for increasing ROI for the customers through increased CTR.

Getting rank is not all about the success, bringing business and  creating brand through SEO is all about the success and we thrive to that and give the best of our knowledge to make it happen.

We are having 10+ years of industry expertise in this field and only follow the latest ethical white-hat SEO techniques and practices.  We provide REAL results, in REAL time; we will not promise you top google rank in days, what we do promise is an aggressive SEO and internet marketing campaign that we GUARANTEE will bring you quality traffic that will turn into leads and customers.

Our major Services in this field are
  • Onpage Optimization
  • Strategic Link Building
  • Performance Optimization
  • Content Optimization

Performance optimization is the must to do work for any website if it’s not behaving well from the core of it’s structure. Before you start any SEO campaign you must be sure that it’s SEO-friendly and performing well in all the challenging condition like page load time, server response time, inner page loading and website CSS and JS structured well so as to support the SEO work strongly.

We are expert in finding all the necessary works to be done for any website while doing the primary Website and SEO Audit and act accordingly. We are confident enough to rectify and enhance the performance of any kind of sites within our range of expertise and technology we work for.

We firmly follow the tools like Google pagespeed insight and GTmatrix to make sure that the website is performing well.

We have the capability to fix all the issues come up and try to fix it in quicker time so that it start acting well with time.

Few major things we mostly follows are
  • Image Optimization.
  • Reduce HTTP Requests.
  • Minify CSS and Javascript.
  • Critical Path and Render Blocking Resources (CSS + JS)
  • Reduce Latency with a CDN.
  • Coding enhancement if needed
  • Avoid 301 Redirects.
  • Caching. etc...

Second Step for any SEO campaign is the On Page Optimization.  This is where proper SEO begins.  We go in and do a complete on page SEO audit of your entire website and start acting over those things accordingly with proper strategy.  We check the coding, structure, and several other areas to check and see if your website is up to the most current Google/Search Engine practices and standards.  It follows certain process and started with Meta-tag development and go through various other processes like Header tag, image optimization, content optimization, website interlinking, breadcrumb navigation, robots, sitemap and few more steps.

We always look for the strong base for any SEO work and make sure that the website will have all the potentiality to go for extra mileage and perform well. It will not have any lacking at the base of it, be it server, hosting or speed or content or the design and presentation, it has to be compliance with all the SEO basic rules.

The days of quantity over quality are gone.  It is not about having thousands of backlinks to your website anymore, it is about doing strategic link building, or as we like to call it, strategic link earning. 

Getting link backs, guest blog posts, having anyone share your companies link in general these days are getting harder and harder. But through quality content output, strategic partnerships, and creating strong industry related relationships;this is where we shine.

Link Building takes time, but the fact of the matter is this time you take doing this, is that extra mile you are gaining on your competitor. 

We follow the most ethical process of developing organic links for the website and make sure the website will never get penalized due to any false work done.

Now more than ever content plays a huge role towards the success of a website online. There are many ways to write content for a website or promotion.

First and foremost, from a search engine standpoint, there must be the right mix of keyword/keyphrase targeted content in order to attract the correct audience.

 Then the second important thing is to have a user friendly ness of the content and the way of representation. There is nothing harm to have lots of content within the website but is this content really making some sense or is it really represented in well mannered so the people liking it and trying to explore our website more. Our main target is to drive the people from one page to another and finally convert them by providing some good value to it. That’s why Content Optimization is so important now a day. We check every aspects of content like keyword density, uniqueness of the content, user friendliness, way of representation and how the content is behaving for every unique pages so that we can add some value to the particular pages need some added attention.

We are specialist providing all these type of content to our customers
  • Web Content
  • SEO Content
  • Blog / Article writing
  • Product Description
  • Social Media Content
  • Press Release
  • Product Review for Amazon Niche site

We Provide Quality

Quality of work with time is our core strength. We always give the best of our effort to fulfill the client’s demand and work accordingly. We give the client’s value and as we have said we deliver your thought and work accordingly so client’s choice is our priority but yet give them the proper solution to make it finer.

Save Time

Our Key Process

First we collect all the information about the client, their service, their demands and requirement and collect their chosen website and any preferences. We then create solution for them

We then sit with client to create the most suitable design and content presentation to make it final and create the first impression of their requirement and make the strategic planning to start working nicely

After making the strategy done we start creating the designing work and design the first real HTML mock-up of the impression and then start working from there and work goes on.

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